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Asian handicap

Asian handicap was not all that popular in the past. For one, betters had no idea how profitable this kind of wagering could be. Secondly, not many sites were offering this option and thus, betters made do with what they could. Then more sites began to provide the variation, and people gained interest in it. As a result, it has fast risen in popularity over the years. Let us take a look at what makes this variation popular and what sites are the best at offering it

How does it work?

This type of wagering started in the southeast region of Asia, and it is quite different from what one sees in the standard variations. A good example would be where you bet on team A with a handicap of -1. In this case, if the team won by 2 or more goals, you would emerge the winner. When it comes to the Asian version, there are more options. For one, you can get part of your original bet amount back. You could also get the whole amount as this all depends on the outcome of the event. The Asian version is much more popular as it has low margins. You thus end up with better odds as compared to the standard options.
Not all sites offer this variation. However, there has been an increase in the number of bookmakers in this industry. Let us take a look at some of the best options at present:

Betting sites with best odds

Bettors look to this site as a reliable platform on which they can place their wagers. The site has been around for a while and has therefore gained trust in the community. It bases its operations on the market such that the state of the latter affects its odds. The site is often the first to display its odds. After that, you will find other platforms showing odds similar to what Pinnacle has. You will note over time that different sites offer similar odds as they get them from the same source. Thus, what you see in one platform will not differ much from what is on other sites.

With this site, there is an emphasis on league matches. For this reason, their selection is not all that wide. But it is enough for anyone looking to place a bet on popular games. Plus, it offers you the opportunity to make good money from your wagers.

Bet 365*check cashout options

If you have been betting for a while, it is highly likely that you have come across this site. It is one of the largest sites in the market at present. So significant is its presence that it features in most articles related to reliable betting sites. Though it cannot match the odds offered by Pinnacle, you will find that it excels concerning selection. Where big matches are in play, this site copies what is on Pinnacle, and it adds a small margin to the same. Then it will increase its selection by adding other events that are not available in most sites. For this, the site will set its odds.


This betting site is relatively new, and it has some distance to cover before it can match the selection and the odds of the giants in the market. However, it has some features which stand out to bettors. One of these is the mobile platform which has a user-friendly interface. It gets its odds from Kambi, which is a company that supplies stats to other giants in the market. Note that though you will not find odds as good as Pinnacles, the selection will be more extensive. Thus, if you want to place a wager on a less popular sport, this is the place to be.

Check out these sites and see what selection appeals to you the most.

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